Your Favorite Sweet And Drink Combined

August 21, 2018

Your Favorite Sweet And Drink Combined

What do you get when you combine a classic cocktail and sweet treat? A margarita cupcake.

This recipe incorporates lime juice flavored frosting with Tequila soaked cupcakes. This recipe also features lime flavored frosting with a kick of Tequila. Please note: this recipe contains alcohol, so exercise caution when feeding it to minors. We are not responsible for your tipsy friends that aren’t supposed to be!

We all love cupcakes. Since they became popular in popular culture such as Sex and the City, they’ve been seen everywhere-but did you know this mini cake has been around since 1796? They predate the muffin tin, and were baked in small pottery cups or ramekins before then. The main difference between them and a traditional cake is their baking speed- because of their small size, they take much less time to bake fully.

The margarita is actually known as a variant of a drink known as the “Daisy”, made with tequila instead of brandy. This was popularized during Prohibition, when America banned alcohol and more and more people drifted down south of the border to party and have a little fun – a tradition still carried on by thousands of college-aged kids in the spring.

Check out the video above for the step-by-step tutorial video and ingredients to create this sweet, boozy treat.

By: Lizzie Kim


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