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Cold Weather Calls For Boozy Apple Cider

Along with the comfy socks and Christmas decorations, every holiday season needs some sort of boozy recipe, right? Well, we’ve found one and it’s everything you need to feel cozy and warm as the cold weather trickles in. This boozy apple cider recipe is holiday #goals. Ingredients: 1...

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These Potatoes Are Magically Buttery

In a world where French fries exist, it’s hard to compete as a potato. But never fear, these fondant potatoes are just what you were looking for to steer you clear of French fries (just for a little while). Add some flair to your potatoes and try not to eat all of these cute little buttery...

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Seared Steak With Pan Sauce

Nothing like a nice steak dinner, right? The best part about this delicious recipe by Bon Appetit is that it works with every cut of steak. Not only that, but the versatile of the recipe allows you to use pork chops or even chicken thighs as well! Ingredients: 1–1½ pounds steak (sirloin...

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The Easiest Way To Clean A Sheet Pan

We all have that one sheet pan that has the last 30 meals still clinging to it…it’s supposed to add more flavor, right? Well, maybe it’s time to make dirty sheet pans a thing of the past. Bon Appetit gives us the easiest way to clean the infamous sheet pan. Steps: 1. Mix ½ cup...

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