The Most Delicious North African Recipes

January 31, 2013

The Most Delicious North African Recipes

North Africa is considered to be one of the most breathtaking cultural destinations in the world today. Truly speaking, North Africa has been blessed up with more than enough cultural resources like rivers, streams, mountains, hill stations, beaches, landmarks, and many other sightseeing spots. When it comes to the North African cuisines, they are truly delicious beyond your imagination. In fact, you will see a wider variety of unique and crispy North African recipes. There is no denying that North African food recipes have captured the minds of every visitor and tourist whenever they visit here for recreation. There are many kinds of superb recipes that you can find in North Africa.

The most popular recipes of North Africa

Firstly you have to make your mind clear that North Africa is a diverse culture. People of different religions, castes, languages and civilizations are living over there.  That is the reason why you will find a great diversity in the food patterns of the North African people. However, there are two famous food recipes of North Africa. These are typically known as Moroccan Tagine Recipe and Tunisian Tagine Recipe which are very crispy, delicious and cost-effective food recipes of North Africa.

Moroccan Tagine Recipe

The Moroccan tagine is the most splendid food recipe of North African culture which has a wonderful, appealing and delicious taste beyond your mind’s eye. The best part of the Moroccan tagine recipe is that it contains a wider variety of useful and healthy ingredients. Therefore it must be a touching recipe to the food fanatics. In other words, Moroccan tagine is called as real potpourri.

The mandatory ingredients of Moroccan Tagine

  • Red meat
  • Fresh fruits (pine apples, peach, bananas, guava, mangoes, orange, apples, water melon, etc)
  • Fresh vegetables (chopped cabbage, carrots, potatoes, tomatoes, coriander, lady finger, etc)
  • Natural herbs
  • A bit olive oil

This is the most useful recipe for those people who want to reduce their weight because it involves a unique flavor of the hygienic fruits and vegetables. Therefore it can make a great influence on your metabolic system, immune system and overall health.

Tunisian Tagine Recipe

When it comes to the Tunisian tagine recipe, it is called as the second most popular food recipe in North Africa at this point in time. More importantly, hundreds of thousands of people have a craze about tasting the Tunisian tagine still. Yet again it’s healthy food recipe for the food fanatics because it contains rich ingredients.

 Mandatory ingredients of Tunisian Tagine

  • Red meat
  • Cheese
  • Eggs
  • A bit olive oil
  • Mixed vegetables according to your taste
  • Mixed fruits according to your choice

Benefits of preparing both Moroccan and Tunisian recipes

  • Both Moroccan recipe and Tunisian recipe are useful for the food eaters in a sense because they will enhance your metabolism and will stimulate the resistance system in a stronger way.
  • These make very good influence on your minds because they are the most delicious food recipes which are made from high quality and healthy food ingredients.
  • Last, but not the least, these are the most economical food recipes so you do not have to think about your pocket again and again for sure. Even you can serve these wonderful recipes before a large number of guests at your homes.

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