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Try These To Feel Less Guilty About Your Fries

Fries are a great bite-sized comfort food. They’re the perfect size to snack on between or alongside a meal, whenever they’re within arm’s reach your hand naturally gravitates between them and your mouth. They’re all well and good until you realize the consequences of eating them...

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Bloody Mary Popsicles Recipe

Everyone loves a Bloody Mary- it’s the best pick-me-up at a boozy brunch or breakfast. But in summer, sometimes it’s just not enough, and you crave something cooler and more refreshing. This Bloody Mary popsicle will cool you while you get your drink on when it’s too hot first thing in the...

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New Fruit-Based Vegan Diet

The vegan diet can be very restrictive and these brothers from Norway rely on a heavily fruit-based vegan diet. Mikkel and Mads use as much fruit possible for their vegan diet that they tend to eat more fruit in one day than most people will eat in a month. They say that one of the biggest...

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