Dress Up Your Ice Cubes with Fruit and Flowers

Dress Up Your Ice Cubes with Fruit and Flowers

fruitandlfowericecubes1Add a dash of excitement to water, iced tea – and even cocktails – with these colorful ice cubes filled with fruit, herbs, and edible flowers.

Watch the video to see how it’s done and for ample ideas, and then bust out the ice cube trays to cool down in style.

To make designer ice cube all you need are fruits, edible flowers, herbs and silicone ice molds.

Fill the molds with whatever combination of items you like, then simply top with water and freeze. Use these chic ice cubes to chill big batches of punch at summer bashes or to fill classic Collins glasses at cocktail parties.

Oh and I case you’re wondering how to make your lovely ice cubes totally transparent, the key is to boil the water before freezing it if you’re looking for that glassy effect.


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