How to Stem Kale in a Flash

March 22, 2014

How to Stem Kale in a Flash

If you’re still painstakingly cutting out kale’s tough, fibrous center ribs with a knife, then take note: there’s a faster way to deal with this tedious task.

Watch the segment for a – dare we say it – life-changing tip for prepping kale, and then put your handiwork to use in all manners of salads, chips, and fast and easy dinners.

So the secret is perfectly stemmed kale in a flash is a simple pull. No really! It’s that easy.

Simply hold your kale by the bottom stem and give it a tough tug downwards and the leafy goodness of the kale will be instantly separated from the hard stalking stem.

Your welcome fellow kale lovers, we hope this tip will help you cook easier with this fantastically healthy vegetable!


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