New Fruit-Based Vegan Diet

June 6, 2018

The vegan diet can be very restrictive and these brothers from Norway rely on a heavily fruit-based vegan diet.

Mikkel and Mads use as much fruit possible for their vegan diet that they tend to eat more fruit in one day than most people will eat in a month. They say that one of the biggest staples with this diet is bananas since they are high in many natural vitamins and minerals. Mikkel says that he eats 15 to 20 bananas a day and finds that tropical fruits that are sweeter with more nutritional value.

The brothers say that they didn’t choose this because of ethical reasons, but wanting to try a diet that would make them feel better. Mikkel says that he chooses this restrictive diet because it makes him feel good when he eats fruits. They also like that this is a source of natural food, without processed chemicals. 

The vegan choice is becoming more popular as a way to feed more people and prevent environmental impact through the meat industry. Check out the video above for more about a fruit-based diet and vegan diet alternatives. 


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