Wake Yourself Up With A Delicious Breakfast

October 4, 2018

Wake Yourself Up With A Delicious Breakfast

We all love coffee. It fuels us in the morning to get up and move around, and sometimes even serves as our breakfast when we’re in a rush and that’s all you have time for before rushing out in the morning.

If you have a bit more time in the morning but you still want that sweet rush of caffeine in the morning, why not try these cappuccino pancakes, complete with some mocha syrup? This sweet treat serves as the ultimate breakfast that is both filling and rejuvenating in the morning, combining your favorite drink with a classing breakfast staple!

The caffeine levels in this recipe are off the charts, what with the coffee used to make the syrup, as well as the straight up espresso powder in the pancake mix itself. If you’re looking to tone it down a little, try adding less espresso powder to the pancakes – this will reduce the caffeine levels while ensuring that all of the textures and consistencies stay the same!

If you feel like this drink actually needs a bit more caffeine, add some extra powder to the pancakes! It is better to play with the amount of espresso you add into the pancake mix rather than adding more or less coffee to the syrup.

The syrup needs the same proportions of ingredients to ensure that it becomes a proper syrup, but the pancakes are much more malleable, allowing for no espresso or as much espresso as your heart desires!

By: Eon Kyong


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