Easy Charcuterie Board Recipe Great For Halloween Parties

October 9, 2018

It’s only a few days into October, but it’s never too early to begin prepping for the spookiest holiday of the season! While we may be a bit too old to go trick or treating with out friends and candy, you’re never too old to have a good time with them during this time of year-and who doesn’t love a good party?

This centerpiece is perfect for when you want a fancy wine and cheese party with charcuterie, but also want to stick to the season and have some scary fun. After all, this only happens once a year!

While beef sticks may not be the most French or traditional charcuterie meat to be served on a plate, they’re perfect for your head turning centerpiece- they hold their shape and won’t droop any time! If you still want to keep some more charcuterie spirit, you can add meats such as prosciutto on the sides of the plate!

Other components of a charcuterie board that you can also incorporate into this dish would be multiple types of cheese- start with a hard cheese such as Gouda or cheddar, then a soft one such as brie or Camembert, then finish with a blue or Gorgonzola for a cheesy plating that’s wickedly delicious!

By: Eon Kyong


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