Simple Hand-Held Appetizers For Parties

October 9, 2018

Simple Hand-Held Appetizers For Parties

It’s always a dilemma at parties: do you hold your drink or a plate of food? Drinks are nice to sip and hold while chatting and meeting new people, but the food always looks so tasty and you’re so hungry!

You don’t have to make yourself or your guests choose any more at the next party, as these recipes are made to be held in one hand only, allowing you to hold your favorite glass of wine or beer in the other while you wander and mingle! Just be sure not to spill, since these foods are only too good!

While all of these foods look fancy and delicate to eat, but are surprisingly delicious. These are also the perfect size to hold onto in your hand instead of on a plate! If you’re looking for something rich and savory, try the peppered beef and hen of the woods skewers, a fancier and smaller twist on kebabs.

If you want something fancy yet frills free, try the caviar waffle bites – each square is the perfect size to hold the ideal bite of caviar to hold in your hand. Looking for something light? Try the stuffed peppers to satiate your hunger!

By: Lizzie Kim


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