Fall Cocktail Recipes To Keep You Warm This Fall

Fall Cocktail Recipes To Keep You Warm This Fall

There are countless ways to adjust your flavor palate for the changing seasons. Whether it’s by eating and drinking pumpkin spice everything, apples for days, or just using new vegetables, it’s undeniable that the fall flavors are coming upon us.

While pumpkin and apple are the most popular flavors of the season, vanilla shouldn’t be counted out in the repertoire of fall flavors. More specifically, vanilla is a great combination with drinks – better than pumpkin and apple.

Vanilla has a milder flavor that complements the stronger flavors of already established cocktails, and makes for a great way to add fall fun into your drinks without overwhelming your palate. This video specifically focuses on the Vanille de Madagascar produced by Giffard, a liqueur produced specifically with vanilla pods.

While this is a great option for adding vanilla flavor into your drinks, there are countless other options out there as well. Not only are there other brands of vanilla liqueur, but other drinks with this great flavor.

If you’re not a fan of vanilla liqueur, why not try a vanilla cordial, or a strong vanilla schnapps for a stronger bite? Anything is possible in the realm of drinks, you just need to discover them all!


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