Bite-Sized Comfort Food Pies

September 19, 2018

Bite-Sized Comfort Food Pies

Whether you’ve had chicken pot pie before or not is irrelevant. A chicken pot pie is the ultimate comfort and healing food for all your bad days and exhaustion. It has the flavors of a chicken soup with a crisp crust in place of the noodles, with an added element of creaminess and baked flavor you can’t get in a normal soup.

A savory pie may seem like a strange concept, especially if you’re American, but they’re actually very commonplace in places such as England and the Middle East, where a savory pastry is seen as a delicious and easy way to eat food on the go. These handy mini chicken pot pies take heed from their British and Middle Eastern cousins but put a poultry twist to make it uniquely comforting and delicious!

As the seasons get colder, it gets harder to be satisfied with a simple and cold sandwich for your lunch or snack, especially if you’re already trying to warm up in a cold car coming to or from work, or if you’re just trying to warm up on a chilly day. Just warm up one of these pies and you’ll be ready for any sort of weather, no matter what!

By: Lizzie Kim


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