Finding Your ‘Home’ Through Cooking

June 27, 2018

As Pride month comes to a close, we here at Saucy Recipes wanted to shed light on a show that’s changing the way we view ourselves and our food through inclusion. Home: A Queer Cooking Series is a YouTube show that begins its sixth season today, and features a well blended mix of food-filled goodness and heartfelt family moments. This show doesn’t aim to represent the most gourmet, picture-perfect recipes on the planet. It’s about showing the world what real food, real people, real families, and real situations all look like.

What started as a hobby in upscale New York for Michael Chernack led to a web series cultivating when Chernack and his husband moved to London to explore the culture, recipes, and most importantly, the queerness that mainstream media tends to shy away from. Food is meant to be a medium that brings humans and cultures together. While the cooking in the show is not expert chef quality, it tells a real story. By showcasing different recipes, it allows for different stories to come to light, including that of burlesque performer Rubyyy Jones, drag queens, and everyday queer people who are looking to live a normal life.

The show is available on YouTube or through their website,, and is definitely worth a watch for new and inspiring stories and recipes.


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