Lynora’s Italian Restaurant Is Jupiter’s Hidden Gem

May 25, 2019

Jupiter is a great town for seafood but also features one of the best Italian restaurants in town, Lynora’s. Since 1974 Lynora’s brought traditional Italian dishes to South Florida.

The legacy started in Lake Worth when Raffaele and Maria Abbenante serving pizza by the slice, offering authentic Italian pizza from her mother’s traditional recipe. Lynora’s grew with popularity and started offering more traditional Italian dishes.

The legacy of the Abbenante name lives on through Lynora’s and gaining the name of the Best Italian Resturant in South Florida. The Lynora’s experience speaks for itself, not only through their amazing menu but their welcoming hospitality.

If you’re not won over by the food or service, then you might want to look over their wine and cocktail menu. They offer a wine list that is designed to be paired with a variety of their menu options.

Lynora’s hosts in an atmosphere that is good for the casual and upscale dining experience. If you don’t believe me, check out the video above for a virtual tour.


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