Pump Up Your Pumpkin Desserts Beyond Pies

October 4, 2018



We all love pumpkin pie. Especially in October, prime pumpkin season. After all, what else would we do with all the leftovers of a jack-o’-lantern? The pumpkin pie is a delicious dessert with deep roots and even deeper connections to our stomachs.

While we’re not saying that it’s ever possible to get sick of pumpkin pie, it is possible to try these different pumpkin recipes in the spirit of fall! Who knows, maybe one of them will become your new favorite.

If you like a little more spice with your pumpkin, try the pumpkin gingersnap tiramisu or a mini spiced pumpkin in a cake pop form! Still not enough? There are always pumpkin ginger cupcakes which are even gluten free!

If you’re in love with dairy, we suggest making and falling in love with some pumpkin cheesecake bars or even just a plain and delicious pumpkin cheesecake itself. If you don’t like cheesecake but want a creamy flavor try some pumpkin pudding with creamy meringue or a delicious pumpkin parfait!

All of these dishes can be eaten with some cinnamon and brown sugar coated pumpkin seeds for a delicious and crunchy topping. Still not enough? Then drink a pumpkin spiced latte next to them to hit that perfect pumpkin spot!

By: Eon Kyong


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