Snooki Tackles Disgustingly Healthy

October 9, 2018

Snooki Tackles Disgustingly Healthy


What’s worse, talking about yourself or eating fish yogurt?

I’m sure we all remember playing Truth or Dare as kids. Everyone always had a different goal when it came to that game; some folks would demand outrageous dares in the hopes of wrestling the truth from others, some would ask for the most embarrassing truths to score free dares, and some would just try to keep their demands simple so as to pass their turns without incident and not draw attention. No matter what, when two equally awful options are presented to you, sometimes you just gotta suck it up and pick whatever you consider the lesser of two evils.

Snooki would know all about that. She was asked by Men’s Health to take on the “Disgustingly Healthy” challenge in which she could either sample really gross-sounding food or reveal potentially embarrassing opinions. You might think a snack would be preferable over personal information, but some of the things put before Snooki include such gems as cat poop iced coffee, dried fish frozen yogurt, and snapping turtle jerky (all of which are completely real things, by the by). Which will she pick? Well, you just gotta watch to find out, now don’t you?


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