Simple Yet Fancy Salmon For Any Occasion

September 19, 2018

Simple Yet Fancy Salmon For Any Occasion

Salmon is a dish that we all associate with high class and decadence. And why wouldn’t we, considering it’s on every menu at fancy restaurants? People are intimidated by salmon and rarely cook it, which is a shame considering how easy and delicious it truly is!

This recipe will help you get over your apprehension for making salmon through a dish that’s simple enough to make at home on a weeknight, or as a main course when you have guests to impress. When making this dish, it’s important to use enough oil in the pan when you cook the salmon to prevent it from losing its moisture and becoming too dry.

Although salmon is a fish rich with oils and fatty acids it is still prone to drying out, especially over a stove top. The fact that you reuse the pan to make the sauce after the salmon helps to impart more flavor on the sauce, and is one less dish for you to clean!

Don’t worry about the salmon getting cold while the sauce is making- you’re placing the salmon back in the pan to re-heat it! By placing it with the warm sauce, this also ensures that your salmon won’t lose any of its delicious moisture for your mouth.

By: Lizzie Kim


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