Tasty Tagine For All Occasions

October 5, 2018

Tasty Tagine For All Occasions

Tagine sounds like a fancy version of the chasing game you played as a child with your friends in elementary school during recess. In actuality, the word “tagine” (pronounced ta-gene) has two very different meanings.

The first refers to a certain cookware used in North Africa made of two pieces of clay, similar to a shallow pot with a rounded cone for a lid. The second meaning of tagine refers to a stew made in the tagine pot itself, slow cooked with meat, fruit, and vegetables, or simply fruits and vegetables themselves in a rich and delicious stew!

Even if you don’t have a tagine cookware set in your home, it is still possible to get all of the delicious flavors of North Africa with out a plane ticket or even a trip to your nearest restaurant. All you need is a pot and stove with a lid that fits the pot snugly to ensure that the tagine is cooked properly!

Once you have the proper spices and vegetables with your chicken, you’re sure to make magic happen right from your own stove-top. Serve it with some pita bread to soak up all of the amazing flavors so you can get every bite!

By: Eon Kyong


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