This Hummus Is Better Than Anything Money Can Buy

This Hummus Is Better Than Anything Money Can Buy


Hummus. It’s one of the best things to dip your pita bread into, as well as any and all sorts of vegetables. Creamier than salsa and healthier than queso, this dip has it all.

For those of us sadly unfamiliar with this amazing food, hummus is a dip made of its name. The word hummus itself has its roots in Arabic, where it simply means chickpea. Like its name, hummus refers to a dip made with chickpeas and tahini, a paste made out of ground sesame seeds.

While this amazing spread can be bought at most grocery stores due to the miracle of globalization, making your own at home is worth more than all the hummus you could ever buy.

While making your own hummus seems daunting, the biggest challenge comes from preparing the chickpeas. In order to do so, you will face the most time consuming task of soaking the peas overnight with baking soda, then boiling them down so they are ready to be made into hummus.

Another step that is worth taking is to shell your chickpeas- this will help to make your hummus smoother than ever! After this, it’s smooth grinding from there until you get the best consistency!

By: Eon Kyong


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