4 Dips You Can Serve with Plain Crackers!

August 22, 2023
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Crackers are a versatile snack that pairs perfectly with a wide range of dips, transforming a simple treat into a burst of flavors and textures. If you’re looking to elevate your snacking experience, look no further!

We’ve rounded up four mouthwatering dips to make your plain crackers shine. Whether you’re hosting a gathering, enjoying a solo snack session, or just craving something delicious, these dips will have you reaching for more.

Creamy Avocado Lime Dip: Ingredients: Avocado, lime juice, Greek yogurt, garlic, salt, pepper, cilantro.

Avocado dip
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Start your dip journey with a zesty and creamy avocado-lime dip. The buttery richness of avocado is balanced perfectly with the tangy kick of lime juice. Combine these two ingredients with Greek yogurt for added creaminess and a hint of garlic for depth. Season with salt and pepper to taste, and finish with chopped fresh cilantro for a burst of freshness. This dip adds a pop of color to your table and offers a refreshing and satisfying flavor that pairs wonderfully with the crunch of plain crackers.

Roasted Red Pepper Hummus: Ingredients: Chickpeas, roasted red peppers, tahini, lemon juice, garlic, cumin, olive oil, salt.

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Give your plain crackers an upgrade by dipping them into a velvety roasted red pepper hummus. This dip is a delightful blend of chickpeas, charred roasted red peppers, nutty tahini, zesty lemon juice, and aromatic garlic. A dash of cumin adds a warm undertone that enhances the overall flavor profile. Drizzle with olive oil and sprinkle a pinch of salt before serving. The rich and smoky notes of the roasted red pepper hummus will beautifully complement the crispness of plain crackers.

Spinach and Artichoke Dip: Ingredients: Spinach, artichoke hearts, cream cheese, sour cream, mayonnaise, garlic, Parmesan cheese, mozzarella cheese, salt, and pepper.

spinach dip
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For a dip that’s both indulgent and comforting, whip up a creamy spinach and artichoke dip. This crowd-pleaser combines sautéed spinach, tender artichoke hearts, velvety cream cheese, tangy sour cream, and a touch of mayo for creaminess. Infuse it with the robust flavors of garlic and Parmesan cheese, and top it off with a generous layer of melted mozzarella. The earthy flavors of spinach and artichoke marry wonderfully with the crunch of plain crackers, making this dip an instant hit at any gathering.

Chunky Tomato Basil Salsa: Ingredients: Tomatoes, red onion, fresh basil, garlic, balsamic vinegar, olive oil, salt, pepper.

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Consider a chunky tomato basil salsa for a lighter dip option that’s bursting with vibrant colors and garden-fresh flavors. Combine diced tomatoes, finely chopped red onion, fragrant basil leaves, minced garlic, a drizzle of balsamic vinegar, and a splash of olive oil. Season with salt and pepper to taste. This dip celebrates the simplicity of ingredients and lets the natural flavors shine. The bright acidity of the tomatoes and the aromatic basil will dance on your taste buds as you enjoy them with the crunch of plain crackers.

There you have it—four delectable dips that will take your plain crackers from mundane to marvelous!


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