The Best Foods To Make In October

The Best Foods To Make In October

Fall technically started in September, but it always gets to full swing in October, and we’ll always think of October for the month of fall. As the weather slowly traditions from summer to the chilly winter, fall is a time when the weather gets cooler while still retaining some of the warmth of the summer.

It’s the perfect time to appreciate all of the great harvested vegetables and deliciousness that can only be found in this season, and there are so many ways to do so! This video features some of the best ways and recipes to appreciate this season, using all of the best fall flavors that you know and love.

Dates are a delicious food in the Middle East, but they’re just as amazing here and used in the fall. Baking dates into your scones will give you a different yet familiar fall flavor, especially with some light and delicious whipped butter on top!

If you want something a bit more familiar, try a mushroom goulash for a warm and hearty stew to tide you over no matter how cold the weather gets! Looking for pumpkin? Try a white chocolate and pumpkin mousse!


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