Travel To Ethiopia For This Delicious And Carb-Free Snack

October 3, 2018

Travel To Ethiopia For This Delicious And Carb-Free Snack

We all love chips and dip. it’s the perfect combination of crunch matched with a dip that provides the right amount of moisture so your mouth doesn’t dry out, perfect for a snack at any point in the day. There are millions of ways to eat chips and dip, whether you like your corn tortilla chips with salsa and guac, or if you’re going for pita chips and hummus.

However, there are few low-carb options that will allow you to enjoy the delicious satisfaction of the crunchy bite and delicious liquid that will never fill you up and leave room for another meal or drinks. Travel to Ethiopia, where your low-carb snacking needs will be met with this delicious combination of crispy cauliflower and cool herb yogurt!

This dish is perfect if you prefer your snacks on the lighter side, even for chips and dip. The cauliflower provides a crunch but won’t fill you up, thanks to how few calories are in each bite. The yogurt is already a light choice for a dressing, but it only gets better.

The addition of dill, lemon, mint, and lemon juice make the yogurt brighter and lighter, ensure that you don’t feel too greasy or heavy no matter how much you eat, so snack to your heart’s delight!

Check out the recipe card for a step-by-step tutorial including ingredients and instructions here.

By: Eon Kyong


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