Ice Cream… For Breakfast?

October 3, 2018

Ice Cream… For Breakfast?

We all love ice cream. Even as summer ends, this frozen sweet treat is still the perfect mouthful of sweetness and creaminess that we all can’t resist. No matter what time or occasion, it is always right to eat ice cream!

While ice cream is the best food in the world, there are always those naysayers that say you shouldn’t eat ice cream first thing in the morning. We’re her to prove them wrong with these amazing recipes incorporating ice cream into the first meal of the day. Who said that the most important meal of the day can’t be the most delicious?

Give your morning parfait an upgrade with ice cream, tropical fruits, and sweet morning biscuits. This is sure to be as beautiful as it tastes and will win your guests over for brunch!

Coffee is a necessity in the morning, and you can have your coffee and eat it too in the form of a coffee ice cream! If you’re in need of something stronger, you can always try a fudge and espresso sauce, drizzled on top of a caramelized banana split.

Looking for something on the go? Neapolitan tacos are delicious and handheld for your travelling needs! Craving some oatmeal? Try some oatmeal cookie ice cream sandwiches, which are just as handheld as the tacos.

If you have some more time in the morning or crave some different flavors, try some roasted peaches with some mascarpone ice cream, or some peach maple ice cream with some blueberry corncakes! If that isn’t enough fruit in your diet, there’s always a tropical fruit sundae to make sure you get all your vitamins!

By: Eon Kyong


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