Comfort Food Without The Guilt

Comfort Food Without The Guilt

We all have those days where we’re trying to make ourselves feel better and perform some self care, and what better way than through what you eat? Comfort food is a tradition practiced all over the world, as we use foods that are warm, rich, and just plain nourishing for your souls.

Sadly these foods are also great at adding inches to your waist, which is one of the least comforting things about comfort food overall. If you’re on a specific diet, this fact about comfort food is the least comforting thing in the world as it limits you from so much!

If you’re on the keto diet, have no fear, this recipe for keto friendly chili is here. If you’re on a different diet, you may want to consider switching over to this one – this recipe for chili is more than worth it, we promise!

While we’re all used to having beans in our chili, this recipe manages to eliminate those keto-unfriendly foods and still maintain so much delicious flavor that will make you feel better on even the gloomiest of days. This chili is full of delicious and filling meat and spices, perfect for any sort of keto diet!

By: Eon Kyong


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