Fry Your Food In Air, Not Oil

October 2, 2018

Fry Your Food In Air, Not Oil

Sweet potatoes are delicious, but many of us don’t think of eating them any other way beyond in a pie or rarely, in the form of fries. Despite that, there are so many delicious flavors you can impart on sweet potatoes that will make them delicious and perfect for any occasion! Try this delicious and spicy recipe for sweet potato wedges that will allow you to appreciate sweet potatoes in a whole new light!

This recipe features an air fryer, one of the best newer cooking inventions that every kitchen should have. While it cooks food similarly to a typical convection oven, they cook your food most similarly to a fryer, allowing you to get the perfect crispy edges without having to worry about soggy or sad food. Even better, this gadget allows you to have perfectly delicious food within minutes!

Brussels sprouts only take 10 minutes without any prep or cooking beforehand, and it isn’t just limited to vegetables – meat can also be cooked just as quickly and easily for the best food in the world! While an air fryer may look fancy and expensive, you can find models for merely 30 dollars on many sites, so why not give it a try?

By: Lizzie Kim


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